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Gather & Nurture Globally-Minded Young People

To live in the society of tomorrow, it is important to understand people globally.

This project aims to gather & connect young people from all over the world in order to foster an awareness of various cultures and societies, and to increase students' abilities to communicate in a global environment.

Through this project, we also aim to build a community of young learners who can network and support one another's future activities.

Girls in the Library
Girl with Teacher


In our multinational learning environment, you will gain an understanding of various cultures and societies.


Bring your educated ideas into our global debates and discussions on key issues and topics.


Through both written and verbal assignments, you will acquire the tools for effective communication in English.


Global People Project Presents:

Online High School Study Abroad Preparation Program

Many people have given up their summer camps and activities due to the novel coronavirus, however we have good news for you.


Since June of this year, we have been holding monthly online programs to help prepare students who are planning on going abroad to study at a high school in the near future. This program includes classes in academic English, practical conversation, mathematics, science (biology & chemistry) and essay-writing. Also, because our classes are multinational, students can experience a cultural exchange much like those that you would find in an actual study abroad program.

In our multi-national classroom, students will learn about Japanese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese culture, as well as prepare for international student life from our tutors, who are currently attending western universities abroad.


Who We Are

Raina Nakamura - profile picture.JPG


English Teacher

Raina has been living in Japan with her husband for nearly 20 years and has a son in high school. She earned a Master’s in Teaching at Washington University and taught English to university students and refugees in the US before moving to Japan. In Japan she has taught high school students, businesspeople, and government workers. She has also been writing and editing for a TOEIC study magazine for more than 13 years. Her basic motto for English is, “Make it fun and students will learn.”

Eugene Portrait_Fotor.jpg


Mathematics Teacher

Eugene grew up in the United States and has over 5 years of experience teaching English in a variety of settings, which includes providing academic English classes at some of the top universities in Japan.  After earning a master's degree from Harvard University, he has helped students on a wide range of subjects, including standardized English and math test preparation (such as SAT, GRE and GMAT) and applications for top-tier universities in the United States.

Camille Portrait_Fotor.jpg


Presentation & Debates Teacher

Camille was born and raised in the Philippines, and is currently a Masters Student at Sophia University with a specialization in Global Environmental Studies. Before this, Camille graduated with a degree in Psychology, and was at the top of her class, receiving the Award of Merit for one of her publications, an Honourable Mention for her high grades, and a Bronze Medal of Leadership for her exemplary leadership skills.

Hazel profile picture.jpg


Essay-Writing Teacher

Hazel is a qualified English teacher from the UK. After graduating with a first class degree in English Language from the University of Reading, she went on to complete her teaching training and subsequently begin working in British secondary schools. After working at a Summer English Camp in Slovenia, she moved to Japan in 2015 to start on a new teaching adventure. In her free time, she enjoys fitness, travelling and being immersed in nature.


Program Director

Luke is originally from Toronto, Canada. After graduating in Psychology at York University, Luke spent the past 10 years working with Japanese people, which includes creating the Toronto Japanese Summer Festival and launching a Japanese company around the world in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and the United States. In addition, Luke has developed an innovative method of English language coaching for everyday use as well as workplace environments.



Global People Project by DEOW

Founded in the summer of 2003, DEOW is a global study abroad company that has been counselling and supporting students who wish to study around the world for over 15 years.


Inquiries or Applications for our High School Study Abroad Preparation Program, please go here.

Inquiries or Applications for our Global People Discussions, please go here.

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